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About Public Policy at MassMutual

We work with regulators, elected officials, and community representatives at all levels of government to seek sound solutions to public problems. As a mutual company, we first and foremost seek public policies that are in the best interest of our policyholders. We work to ensure that our policyholders' interests and the public interest are carefully balanced.

In all of our dealings, we take an integrity-based approach to lobbying. While we do engage lobbyists, we prefer to bring our employees and associates who are experts on an issue directly to Washington, D.C. and the States to speak face-to-face with officials on matters of importance to the company. We absolutely do not solicit favors or favorable treatment in exchange for campaign contributions.

Our political action committee, the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company Political Action Committee (MMPAC), supports our lobbying efforts in full compliance with applicable law and all MMPAC contributions to candidates are fully disclosed on the Federal Election Committee website ( With a bipartisan strategy, MMPAC is solely focused on supporting members of Congress who are champions of our issues. MMPAC utilizes employees and agents to serve on an advisory board that reviews candidate selection to ensure they meet strict giving criteria.

We firmly believe that a financially knowledgeable public is critical to the nation's well-being. To that end, we have:

  • Sponsored congressional educational symposiums on our industry and its products;
  • Worked with Congress and various regulatory agencies on the issues impacting our policyholders and business clients in the Insurance, Retirement, Asset Management and Financial services area;
  • Worked with State Legislators and Regulators to promote and enact state laws providing to ensure that the insurance system remain solvent.
  • Worked with Legislators and Regulators to promote and enact laws and regulations ensuring a strong and vibrant life insurance industry that can provide innovative solutions for American’s to save for the future and protect the one’s they love.