About Business Continuity at MassMutual

Resiliency is a high priority at Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. To that end, additional investments have been made to enhance data centers and workspace, develop remote working capability and spread critical functions across the country to mitigate the potential risk of regional disasters. The primary Data Center in Massachusetts has been outfitted with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and N+1 generation capacity. Should there be a larger issue, systems are backed up to MassMutual-owned hardware in Colorado (1,700 miles away) and a third copy of system data is also sent to Connecticut.

MassMutual’s home office location in Springfield has also been backed up with generators, capable of powering around 3,700 workstations, more than we believe would be needed for the first 30 days of a recovery event. If workspace becomes unavailable in the MassMutual home office in Springfield or the office in Enfield, Connecticut, employees may be relocated to the office not impacted or may work remotely. MassMutual also has established critical operations and workspace outside of its home office region in Boston, New York, Charlotte, Memphis and Phoenix.

Despite these steps to further harden systems and facilities, MassMutual still maintains a continuity planning program that is intended to address, among other things, facility/systems failure to cyber threats, pandemics and 3rd party outages. This document is intended as a summary of how MassMutual’s Business Continuity Program (“Program”) has been structured, tested and is maintained.

MassMutual's Business Continuity Disclosure Statement (PDF)