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    Death Claims Form

    To help us better serve you, please provide the required information to obtain a claim packet on an annuity contract or life insurance policy. If you are unsure of your product type or do not have a policy/contract number, please call 1(800) 272-2216 for assistance.

    • ** All fields are required unless noted as optional.
    • Please enter contract or policy number(s) for the type of claim you would like to file. You can enter more than one claim type.
    • Insured/Annuitant information
    • Type of death (if known)
    • Information for individual reporting claim
    • Who would you like the claims packet sent to?
    • Please enter an email address if you would like us to send the claims packet via e-mail

    • Please enter a fax number if you would like us to send the claims packet via fax

    • How would you like the claims packet sent?

    This form is for annuity contracts and life insurance policies only. If you wish to report a different type of claim, please use the appropriate telephone number below.

    Benefit Management Account: (800) 548-0705
    Disability: (800) 272-2216, option 2
    Long Term Care: (800) 272-2216, option 4
    Oppenheimer: Mutual Funds (800) 525-7048; 401K (800) 411-6971
    Retirement: Pensions (800) 788-8781; 401K (800) 309-3539