Investment Internships and Rotational Opportunities for College Students

Investment Management – Manages the General Investment Account for MassMutual by providing the framework for the GIA portfolio construction and investment decision-making.

  • Works to identify global economic and market factors that will drive returns across asset classes and seek to optimize the portfolio allocation
  • • Identify investments that offer the appropriate level of risk/reward relative to alternatives

Potential areas of work: Quantitative Research and Development – Credit and Market Risk, Due Diligence, Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation

Location: Boston, MA

Desired skills for roles within the Investment Management Organization (GIA):

  • Strong quantitative and applied mathematic skill set
  • Ability to code in various languages: R, Python, SQL, C++
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Prefer students with applied mathematics, computer science and statistics backgrounds
  • Understanding of the markets with a desire to work on the buy side of investments


Apply Now:
Early Career Investment Internship Program (Full for class of 2020)
Early Career Investment Rotational Program (Full for class of 2020)