Insurance Business Operations Internships and Rotational Opportunities for College Students

Org Engagement and Communication

• Develop a communication strategy that will meet the needs and expectations of the employee population, research and develop best practices for engaging a remote workforce, research and develop a communications portal that uses multimedia content to engage employees

Data Management and Controls

• Support execution of various fraud prevention projects/initiatives, produce reports/analysis based on key customer questions, conduct testing/analysis of various data sources

Annuity Post Issue

• Track and analyze data related to problem solving activities, work on the development of a remote employee engagement strategy, assist in mapping and documentation of key processes


• Develop scope, role definition and plans, analyze, design and develop business solutions, coordinate and facilitate working sessions

Client Services

• This organization is responsible for the post issue service delivery of life, disability and annuity products. Assist by coordinating and executing project plan through value stream mapping while also learning about and implementing agile methodology in order to provide continuous improvement recommendations to the organization.


• Supports business partners as they experiment with automation by leveraging software to replicate the actions of a human to replace high volume repetitive work. Work with assigned business areas to determine all potential robotics opportunities, develop dashboards to track project adherence and coordinate business deliverables and resources to ensure timeliness of projects.

Strategic Service Partners

Supports large scale relationship management of both existing and future Third Party Administration accountable for the end-to-end service and administration of operational support functions. Work on assessing current state of initiatives and identify areas for improvements, leverage project management and continuous improvement tools and behaviors and schedule and facilitate work sessions.

New Business and Underwriting

Responsible for receiving applications, assessing mortality and morbidity risk and issuing contracts accurately. Help support creation of business cost benefit analysis along with project charter design to move projects through process as well as assist in design and implement of automation in the business.


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