Actuarial Science Internship and Rotational Opportunities for College Students

If you’re interested in pursuing an actuarial career path, a great way to start is through an actuarial internship with MassMutual. You’ll gain valuable professional experience and develop your leadership skills. You’ll have the chance to work on projects where you make an impact. And, we’ll give you opportunities to participate in networking and social activities.

Program Highlights

As an intern in our Actuarial Program, you’ll be given a broad range of experiences and have the chance to demonstrate your ability to influence key business decisions. When you spend your summer at MassMutual, you’ll see what it’s like to work at a company with a long history of financial strength and a FORTUNE 500®1 company. Your experience will be rounded out by interactions with your mentor, who will provide you with career and exam guidance, development, coaching, and support. We provide free temporary housing and local volunteer opportunities, so in addition to developing your professional skills, you’ll be able to enjoy the community and get the most out of your internship.

We pride ourselves on offering a competitive compensation and benefits package as well as bonuses and salary increases based on work performance, exam completion, and advancement in professional designation. We also provide reimbursement for study materials, exam fees, seminars, and prep classes.

Growth and learning opportunities

Meaningful Projects: Apply your knowledge and skills by participating in high-profile projects at a respected company.

Mentors: Learn from a mentor who will work closely with you to provide career and exam guidance, development, coaching, and support.

Excel & VBA Crash Course: Attend a half-day course taught specifically for our actuarial interns that will ensure you have the technical skills you need to be successful during the summer.

Pricing & Valuation Simulation: Participate in a mock pricing simulation that teaches you about how to price a life insurance product amidst a competitive landscape.

What program participants say
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"As a participant in the Actuarial Leadership Development Program, I have benefitted from a supportive and inclusive workplace, surrounded with people working hand in hand, and this encourages me to develop new skills, while keeping an excellent work/life balance. The effective coaching and mentoring that I receive is helping me grow and become a better actuarial professional."

Irmeya Ouedraogo
Actuarial Leadership Development Program Participant

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"MassMutual’s Actuarial Leadership Development Program presents me with an excellent opportunity to work with experienced actuaries in different departments who have been great examples for my career goals. This program provides sufficient exam support so I can easily balance work and study. My mentor and program coordinators provide valuable career advice so I can make better decisions. I really appreciate the diversity in MassMutual’s ALDP, it is always fun to meet people with different backgrounds."

Zoe Guo
Actuarial Leadership Development Program Participant

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Hiring Criteria

  • Applicants must be pursuing a BA or BS with a quantitative focus (e.g., Mathematics, Actuarial, Finance, Economics or related major)
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher (3.5 or higher preferred)
  • Commitment to pursue Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Demonstrated proficiency in oral and written communication
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States without requiring visa sponsorship, both now and in the future
Program Benefits
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Enjoy fully furnished housing close to headquarters during your internship which is included in your employment offer.

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Social Events

Join the full-time Actuarial Students in summer social events. Past events include mini-golf, whirly ball, and a celebratory exam night.

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Community Volunteer Opportunities

Participate with other MassMutual actuaries to give back to the local community in a service day.

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Networking Lunches with Senior Actuaries

Attend networking lunches that allow you to interact with senior actuaries at MassMutual, including the Chief Actuary and Chief Investment Officer.

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Interested in applying?

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Diversity at every level
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Diversity at every level

Our employees are the embodiment of the idea that we all are stronger and better through our support for one another. By valuing people for who they are, how they think, and what they bring to the table, we’ve become a stronger, more innovative company.

Frequently asked questions

Fall & Spring

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  2. First round interview on campus or via phone
  3. Second round interview events at MassMutual
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MassMutual recruits actuarial students from around the nation and around the world. Our twenty-four full-time and intern hires in the 2021-2022 cycle originate from eleven states and four countries.

2017–2018 Hiring cycle, by the numbers

  • Full-Time Hires 10
  • Average GPA 3.8
  • Average Exams Passed 3
  • Intern Hires 13
  • Average GPA 3.7
  • Average Exams Passed 1
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