Early Career Program

    The MassMutual Early Career Program will provide you with a professional development opportunity through real-world experience in a FORTUNE 100® company. The program is designed to provide you with: 

    • Real work on high-impact projects
    • Exposure to senior leaders throughout the company through round-table discussion, one-on-one meetings and presentations
    • Networking opportunities with professionals in all areas of the business
    • Coaching and development through mentors and program managers
    • Relationships that will last a lifetime

    We invite you to bring your bright, innovative ideas to MassMutual as we continue to help millions of Americans secure their future and protect the ones they love.

    MassMutual Early and Mid-Career Programs

    Past Program Participants

    Riley, Treasury - “What surprised me the most about my experience was the amount of respect and level of responsibility given to the interns. From my very first day, everyone I worked with made me feel like a real part of the team. My tasks, if not carried out responsibly, could have an immediate and significant impact on the company, but my team trusted me enough to give me that responsibility.”

    Jack, Investments - “One thing that surprised me was how my work was often an immediate value add. It was encouraging and rewarding to see my managers make use of my contributions for further analysis, presentations, and decision-making. My colleagues considered all my thoughts, making for a collaborative environment.”

    Kristi, Post Issue Ops - “The opportunity to meet and collaborate with all the interns through networking events and working together on a project was an invaluable experience. Throughout this summer, I learned a lot about myself in terms of what motivates me, what key components I need to develop in order to grow in a career, as well as how to work together with a team full of leaders.”

    Alisha, Annuity Issue Ops - “This internship has been extremely eye-opening to the different areas of business that exist. I really feel well informed about what my options are and how I can be most valuable to a company. In addition to growing professionally, I believe the internship program has allowed me to grow personally. I have learned about my strengths and weaknesses, how to brand myself, and most importantly, what more I would like to learn in the future.”

    Charlie, Risk Management - “I found the exposure to senior leadership to be one of the most helpful parts of my experience. Getting to sit down and talk with SVPs and heads of other departments and learn directly from them was a great experience. Learning more about what each department does, its implications to the business as a whole, and being able to ask questions was invaluable. They gave personalized advice about what character traits they look for and what we can do to put ourselves in a position to succeed.”

    By valuing people for who they are, how they think, and what they bring to the table, we’ve become a stronger, more innovative company.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    We're committed to being a responsible and contributing member in the places we live and work.

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