Early Career Program

    The MassMutual Early Career Program will provide you with a professional development opportunity through real-world experience in a FORTUNE 100® company. The program is designed to provide you with: 

    • Real work on high-impact projects
    • Exposure to senior leaders throughout the company through round-table discussion, one-on-one meetings and presentations
    • Networking opportunities with professionals in all areas of the business
    • Coaching and development through mentors and program managers
    • Relationships that will last a lifetime

    We invite you to bring your bright, innovative ideas to MassMutual as we continue to help millions of Americans secure their future and protect the ones they love.

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    The Early Career Internship Program has five tracks: Finance, Marketing, Investment Management, Insurance Operations and Information Technology.
    To be eligible for the 11-week summer internship program in our business tracks of Finance, Marketing, Investment Management and Insurance Operations, students must be enrolled in their sophomore or junior year at a four-year college with a minimum GPA of a 3.0. To be eligible for the Information Technology track, students must be enrolled as a freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior at a four-year college or a graduate student with a minimum GPA of a 3.0.

    The Early Career Rotational Program is a full-time, four year rotational development program for students who are graduating from a four year college by August of 2019. The Early Career Rotational Program has four tracks: Finance, Marketing, Investment Management and Insurance Operations. Each participant will complete four, one-year rotations in their specific track.

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    What type of candidates apply for the Early Career Program (ECP)? Participants in the Early Career Program, known as ECPs, are a diverse group of talented undergraduate student leaders at a four year university ranging in a multitude of academic disciplines.

    What type of training and development opportunities are there within the Early Career Program? ECPs will have an individual core project that they will work on from a day-to-day basis along with additional opportunities to work on group projects with their fellow ECPs. Outside of their work, our ECPs will go through an array of training from Building Your Personal Brand, Networking 101, Presenting with Impact and so on. They will also have the opportunity to participate in several team building activities and volunteer in the community.

    Are there networking opportunities with senior leaders while in the Early Career Program? Yes! Senior leaders at MassMutual are hands on with the Early Career Program. ECPs will have the opportunity to attend round table discussions, “coffee with” sessions, lunch and learns and one-on-one sessions with several of the senior leaders throughout the organization. Throughout the program experience, ECPs will have an opportunity to present their projects to a vast array of senior leaders.

    If I do not live near MassMutual, will housing be provided for a summer internship? Housing assistance is provided for interns in our Springfield, MA and Enfield, CT locations.

    What are the qualifications need to apply to the Early Career Program?

    • Enrolled in a four-year degree program
    • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale – with a preferred GPA of 3.2 and above
    • Actively involved in leadership roles in student clubs or community organizations
    • Proficiency in oral and written communications
    • Must be authorized to work in the United States without requiring work authorization sponsorship, both now or in the future

    I’m currently a freshmen in college. Am I eligible to apply for the Early Career Internship Program? As a freshmen in college, you are eligible to apply to the Information Technology track only.

    I’m currently a sophomore or a junior in college. How do I apply for the Early Career Internship Program? Applicants for the 2019 Summer Early Career Internship Program will be accepted starting September 1, 2018. Select the track that best fits your skill set and career interest and apply directly to that track: Finance, Investment Management, Marketing, Operations and Information Technology.

    I’m currently in my senior year in college and will be graduating before August 2019. How do I apply for the Early Career Rotational Program? Finance, Investment Management, Marketing and Operations.

    What happens at the end of the Early Career Internship Program? Interns that will be entering their junior year in the fall of 2019 will have the opportunity to interview for another internship opportunity for the summer of 2020. For those interns that will be entering their senior year the fall of 2019, they will have the opportunity to interview for the Early Career Rotational Program, if they are in one of the business tracks (Finance, Marketing, Investment Management or Operations) or for a direct hire role, if they are in Information Technology.

    What Participants Have to Say…

    Internship Program Participants

    Riley, Finance - “What surprised me the most about my experience was the amount of respect and level of responsibility given to the interns. From my very first day, everyone I worked with made me feel like a real part of the team. My tasks, if not carried out responsibly, could have an immediate and significant impact on the company, but my team trusted me enough to give me that responsibility.”

    Jack, Investments - “One thing that surprised me was how my work was often an immediate value add. It was encouraging and rewarding to see my managers make use of my contributions for further analysis, presentations, and decision-making. My colleagues considered all my thoughts, making for a collaborative environment.”

    Stephen, Operations - “Having the opportunity to partake in MassMutual’s Early Career Internship Program really opened my eyes to the corporate world and also helped me dismiss what I had previously heard about working at a Fortune 100 company. Everyone I encountered in my 12 weeks was willing to teach, help, mentor, or simply say “Hi!”. Every day I learned both new soft skills and technical skills, and I was able to notice my own progression as the summer went on. I was fortunate enough to be on a great team within MMUS Insurance Operations, where I was continually given the same work my colleagues were doing, so I was able to gain real Fortune 100 working experience in just one summer. Living at Springfield College with my fellow interns has also been a rewarding as I have had the opportunity to meet lifelong friends from all over the country and whom have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Overall, I would call this summer a success, and I look forward to taking what I learned and the connections I’ve made, and leverage them as my schooling and career progresses.”

    Nithya, Marketing - “This summer has been such an amazing experience. My manager and mentor gave me projects that allowed me to truly make a lasting impact. The fact that I was doing important work really meant a lot to me, and I saw tangible results come out of my projects.
    The structure and support that the Early Career Program provides is also unparalleled. The Early Career Program team really cared about our professional and personal development, giving us the opportunity to participate in professional learning and networking opportunities throughout the summer. From this summer, I have discovered what I want to pursue in the career ahead of me, and for that I am beyond grateful to ECP and all the people that make it happen.

    With regards to the culture, MassMutual is truly special. The people here are so welcoming and supportive, and they want to help in any way they can. I think this is really special and rare to find in such a successful Fortune 100 company.”

    Jessica, IT, Research & Development Lab - “My experience here at MM has been life changing...I gained confidence in presenting myself as a professional, and I have been more equipped to handle any situation that comes my way.”

    Rotational Program Participants

    Kaitlyn, Marketing - “I have found my experience at MassMutual both as an intern and now a full time rotational employee to be extremely positive and valuable. Less than a year out of school, I found myself a part of major enterprise wide initiatives, exposed to senior leaders, and with countless opportunities to make an impact. Since my first day at MassMutual, I have been encouraged to use my voice, regardless of who is in the room. I would have never thought that so early in my career my voice would be heard and valued in such a large Fortune 100 organization. My managers at MassMutual have acted as mentors and coaches in my development rather than just bosses. The experience I’ve gotten and the connections I have made because of the Early Career Program are invaluable and I am certain will give me a competitive advantage as I continue in my career.”

    Amanda, Operations - “MassMutual is abundant with opportunities for challenging work, growth, and development. The Early Career Program provides the support structure to help new professionals make the most of those opportunities. As a part of the MassMutual and ECP communities, I have networked with leaders, taken technical and leadership classes, attended team building and social events, had job opportunities filled with meaningful and impactful work, joined two Business Resource Groups, served as a mentee and a mentor with multiple people, and even given back to the community through company-sponsored volunteer events. MassMutual and the Early Career Program create a rich environment for new professionals to thrive should they choose to take advantage.”

    Jay, Finance - “As an intern, I experienced higher levels of work and exposure to leadership than I ever could have imagined at an organization of this size. The company-wide support of the program and long-term development strategy for employees led me to pursue the Rotational Program, which has challenged me to develop a diverse skillset and business acumen simultaneously. However, I believe the most valuable asset that the program provides is a robust support community at the earliest stage of one’s career. The combination of close relationships with leadership, hands-on management, and a talented group of peers who instantly become your best friends at work is a unique environment that MassMutual offers.”

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