1L Diversity Clerkship Program

    MassMutual is proud to offer highly qualified, diverse first-year law students the opportunity to spend their 1L summer in its dynamic, fast-paced Law Department. This paid 1L Diversity Clerkship Program provides an exceptional opportunity to gain practical legal experience across a broad range of practice areas while honing professional skills.

    Program Highlights

    MassMutual’s 1L Diversity Clerkship Program is designed to offer Law Clerks the opportunity to enhance their resumes, as well as provide networking and other opportunities intended to position the Law Clerks for 2L summer employment at top law firms. MassMutual’s long-term goal is to form lasting relationships with its Law Clerks that extend well beyond the 1L summer, and to continue mentoring Law Clerks throughout their legal careers.

    During the summer, Law Clerks will be:

    • Assigned challenging work across the various practice areas impacting a Fortune 100 Company (including Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law, Insurance, Broker/Dealer, Corporate Compliance, Tax, Employment, Corporate Governance and Government Relations);
    • Provided with opportunities to engage with MassMutual’s General Counsel and leadership from each practice area within the Law Department;
    • Assisted in obtaining 2L summer associate law firm positions, through resume reviews, mock interviews and recommendations, where appropriate;
    • Offered networking and developmental opportunities; and
    • Provided regular performance feedback from assigning attorneys that will contribute to professional development.

    Our 1L Diversity Clerkship Program is a paid internship which includes subsidized temporary housing during the program.

    Hiring Criteria & Application

    To be considered for the 1L Diversity Clerkship Program, you must be enrolled as a first year law student for the 2018-2019 academic year, have a law school grade point average of 3.0 or greater (on a 4.0 scale), and be authorized to work in the United States without requiring sponsorship, now or in the future. In addition, ideal candidates will have:

    • An exceptional academic record;
    • Demonstrated interest in and support of diversity and inclusion in the 1L’s law school or greater community;
    • Strong critical thinking, discretion and analytical skills;
    • Ability to perform complex legal research and analysis and advise on results
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; and
    • Strong organizational skills with ability to manage multiple competing priorities

    Submit an application. The application deadline for the 2019 Program is Friday, January 11, 2019.

    Past Program Participants

    “MassMutual’s 1L Program is phenomenal and exceeded my highest expectations. I wish that I could have stayed longer.”

    “The Program was an amazing and invaluable experience. The relationships I developed were extremely rewarding and continue to be very helpful.”

    “The Program gave me rare insight into the workings of a large corporation’s in-house legal department and provided many experiences that will serve me well in the future.”

    “The MassMutual 1L Clerkship proved to be an unrivaled professional experience for me. The breadth of opportunity, the quality of mentorship, and the company's sincere investment in its clerks' ambitions make for an entirely invaluable summer program.”