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Asian Indians: Building a Financial Safety Net


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    Helping you reach your financial goals is what we do. Offering a range of high-quality insurance products, including whole life insurance and disability income insurance, is one way we do it. And when you’re a MassMutual eligible participating policyholder, that means you may benefit from MassMutual’s growth, and may receive a dividend each year. While dividends are not guaranteed, we’ve paid dividends consistently since the 1860s. After 160 years in business we’re still growing strong.

    Understanding Whole Life
    Our whole life insurance gives you the security of knowing your loved ones will be protected when they’re on their own. Also, as the policy develops cash value over time, you can take care of more immediate needs, like paying college tuition or supplementing your retirement income1.

    Why Disability Income Insurance is Critical
    It’s more common than you might think to become disabled before you retire – and many disabilities are severe enough to make working impossible. Group plans through employers can help, but often cover only 50-70% of income. And what if you run your own business? If you become disabled, there are still operating costs to cover, lost earnings, and possibly a partnership buyout. To understand more, read our brochure “Disability facts that may surprise you” and then learn how disability income insurance can help meet your personal or business needs

    Top 10 Questions to Ask When Planning for Financial Security
    “Financial Security.” Seldom have two words led to more questions for more people. So let’s break it down to the important stuff: (1) What matters most to you? (2) Who matters most to you?

    Now there are plenty of potentially overwhelming questions to be asked. But when you start by tackling the most important questions first, the answers and other relevant questions will fall into place. And that’s the first step to coming up with the best financial plan for you.

    So get started now—download the ‘Top 10 Questions to Ask.’

    Life Events
    Will I be able to roll with the punches?

    Life is filled with uncertainty—that’s just a fact. And in the financial world, uncertainty seems to be the rule now, not the exception. But you’ve worked hard to build a successful life for yourself and your family, and you have no intention of letting that uncertainty undermine your security. Or stand in the way of your plans. While no financial strategy can account for every single possibility, some strategies provide more security than others. At MassMutual, we believe a sound strategy is built on proven products that help protect you against life's risks. Our financial professionals work with you to understand your values and your goals, and then work with you to put in place a strategy to protect them. Whether it’s your children’s education, the future of your business, or your own retirement, we can help you take care of the things you care about most.

    No matter what financial circumstances come your way, MassMutual has solutions designed to help.

    Ready to make a good decision?

    1 Access to cash values through borrowing or partial surrenders will reduce the policy's cash value and death benefit, increase the chance the policy will lapse and may result in a tax liability.

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